Scorpio - Main Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Daily Horoscope

Dig in deep and keep yourself in the hunt, says Ganesha. Karma matters, but don't give much thought to the outcome. In matters of joint ventures, adopt a wait-and-watch approach today.

  • Compatibility: Cancer
  • Mood: Thoughtful
  • Color: Red
  • Lucky Number: 89
  • Lucky Time of Day: 3

Weekly Horoscope

Themes For The Week
Professional Changes, Feel Detached, Desired Outcomes, Friends Support, And Do Yoga.

Brief Overview Of Weekly Prediction :
Important decisions shall be made with confidence and courage. Your risk-taking attitude and bold decision-making will likely make you catch more opportunities for new projects. Also, you are likely to get the desired outcome with your hard work. The difference in opinion with someone may cause rifts, and it may be due to legal disputes. Professional changes are likely, but it's better to take advice from your father before making any professional decisions. Planets may send you towards politics. Businessmen are likely to reap the rewards of traveling. Recharge yourself by spending quality time with near and dear ones.
A relationship horoscope indicates a hard time for some of you. You might be feeling detached and want it to end. If you are interested in someone, think twice before asking for marriage. Be wary of Ketu’s position and take decisions with a calm and composed mind. People having disputes in love life may come out of their past relationship.
Financially it looks like a suitable week for long-term investments. Wealth and finance look good as all your money-making efforts seem to give you the desired results. Your loaned amount is likely to come back, and if you happen to apply for a loan, then it might get approved. Cash inflow is likely in the form of blocked funds. However, spending on entertainment and luxurious comfort should be controlled. Avoid loaning money to anyone.
Be smart and take baby steps if you plan to infuse capital or start a new venture in your profession. Indecisiveness and uncertainties may not work. Working professionals are likely to get success with their hard work. Designers might enjoy this week. For any important professional changes, take advice from your father. You may also feel optimistic about government-related work that was on halt.
Students might be in for a distraction, and they might have a hard time getting desired results. Be serious and put more effort into your studies. Avoid spending too much time on unnecessary things. Keep your head steady and control the urge to party or spend on luxury items. Some of your friends might help you in your studies, and you are also likely to join academic courses, but for that, you have to be sincere.
Healthwise, chronic pain is indicated in the leg and back. People who have nerve-related issues should not ignore the signs. Avoid excessive traveling and take short breaks. Try yoga to relax your tense body. Vitamin D deficiency can be troubling for some of you. Take some supplements to cover up the deficiency and this may help you with overall fitness.

Monthly Horoscope

Think Before You Speak, Plan Like A Tiger, Ups And Downs Brings Meaning To Life, Believe Yourself
During this month, you may experience some ups and downs. Saturn and Jupiter are both influencing you, which is likely to cause some uncertainty and troubles in your life. As a result of stress, you may feel irritated. This month, there may be an increase in trip expenditures. During this time, there may be some family disagreements. This month's horoscope recommends that you should be more cautious in your actions. It's possible that you'll need to keep a tight grip on your words. You should maintain your composure till the middle of the month. You may have some highs and lows at this time, but you should endeavour to retain your sanity. As a result of this planetary alignment, you may need to increase your self-assurance at work. Furthermore, you must take extra care of your eyes and avoid allowing your job to impact your health negatively. Your interest in politics or study may be piqued as a result of this planetary alignment. Some of you may be drawn to religious and spiritual pursuits, and you may even host auspicious events at your house. Finally, your patience may assist you in obtaining what you have been seeking for a long time. Your efforts may undoubtedly be recognised. You'll show that you're astute, organised, hardworking, calculating, and happy to pull all the strings your position enables. There's no need to be embarrassed if others think you have more vigour than femininity.

Yearly Horoscope

There is no doubt that time is great, but this would only be accompanied by the right actions you would take. In fact, your efforts are the prime reason for the success that you have been following for a long time. You may find yourself appreciated and cared for by others this year, which may be due to a kind heart towards others. Those of you who have been planning to initiate some important project for a long time, it would be better to postpone the changes you intend to do in your current project, as time is not favourable for you to undertake it now. This would be a year where you would be quite content and observing your list of achievements to go from place to place. Unexpected problems in the family may keep you away from the trip you planned and dreamed about for a long time. Thus, the year may have mixed results but at the same time, you would be happy with your achievements.