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Daily Horoscope

Almost as if crafted by Cervantes himself, you might wake up today feeling passionate and quixotic. Make up and make overs may be on the cards as you will have the urge to be groomed. Once you are done without yourself, you will shower others with attention, says Ganesha.

  • Compatibility: Libra
  • Mood: Happy
  • Color: Copper
  • Lucky Number: 27
  • Lucky Time of Day: 23

Weekly Horoscope

Themes for the Week
Kind Attention, Restlessness, Professional Growth, Appreciation From Mentor, Minor Health Issues.

Be More Attentive This Week:
This week you may need kind attention to your love life and relationships, says your weekly horoscope. You may feel pulled between the various aspects of your life, including the tension between your work and your relationship front. Make your partner feel special and important, and you can find that both of you are more comfortable and happier together. If you want to be successful both professionally and personally, give as much focus to your partner as you give to your work. If your spouse is pregnant, make sure you get everything she wishes for. Singles may have to wait a little more to meet their perfect partners, advices your weekly romance predictions.
This week money shall not be a problem, and you may get relief from financial crunch related problems, as your held-up payments shall be released. However, due to some mental pressure and sleeplessness, this time may create restlessness in you that could result in making some unfavourable financial decisions, says your weekly finance horoscope. The better thing could be to calm your mind and then go ahead with money making efforts. This week brings a good time for professionals in sales and marketing. They are likely to achieve their targets well and are about to get an increment, says weekly predictions.
The recognition you deserve comes your way in the professional sector finally this week. Your colleagues and superiors finally sit up and take notice of your achievements and predict your weekly career horoscope. You are going to be under the spotlight during this period for all the right reasons. Everything is going as per your plans. This is as good a time as any other to try to give your career a big boost. Make efforts to keep this going in an upward direction. If you are planning for a job change, you can get good chances for it, too, says your weekly career horoscope.
You might be interested in pursuing higher studies this week, especially in ancient texts. This means you may be interested in getting knowledge outside the conventional means. This is a wonderful phase in your life. Your mentor would also appreciate your efforts around this phase in life. Make every possible effort that would be in your favour to enjoy an edge in knowledge superiority, predicts the weekly horoscope. If you are planning to publish any article in a journal, then this is the right week for you. Your article might be easily accepted and shall be facilitated easily.
You may feel highly energetic and fit this week, and this may help you to grow personally and professionally. This might be possible due to your inner courage. It is important to have good control over your food habits and advise your weekly predictions. Digestion related problems might be present for some of you. Elders are advised to be extra careful with what they are having in their diet. If needed, don’t skip the medical advice. Don’t get indulged in drinking and driving; advise your weekly health horoscope. This could be a time when you might be interested in getting a total fitness scheme which can be enlightening.

Monthly Horoscope

Financial Advantage, Rocky Relationships, Compensation Of Efforts and Health Prudence
You strive hard to achieve happiness and prosperity as a native who resists change but accepts it with humility. This month, however, the hard work may most likely continue. You'll be able to complete all of your tasks using your communications abilities, and you'll be able to resolve ongoing issues with others using your persuasion talents. Your power may grow, and you may be able to complete numerous assignments on schedule, paving the way for financial gain in your life. Aside from that, you'll be working on long-term projects that may yield positive outcomes in the long run. Maintaining strong relations with seniors at work may be beneficial during this time. Financially, you'll be alright. You might, nevertheless, actively participate in spiritual activities, and if you do any investigation, you will be able to get good results. The Sun and Mars transit is particularly favourable for students studying medicine. The former may allow you to pursue Medicine, while the latter may allow you to pursue advanced studies that can lead to specialisation. Your efforts would be worthwhile if you took the appropriate action. This month may be a test for natives who are unmarried. Your loneliness might be at an all-time high, and you might long for someone to be a part of your life. Just hold on to your thoughts, and you'll be free of your loneliness in no time. The month may most likely be more beneficial and gratifying for married couples once again.

Yearly Horoscope

You may be able to coordinate your actions and achievements very well at the beginning of the year, which may lead to success and celebration. Flows of money may be slightly on the higher side and you may make income through different sources. Those of you who have invested in real estate or in commodities are likely to make some extra money through trading activities. You are very particular about the person you want to be with, and your high standards may help you make the right match. Academically too this year is looking great and positive for those who are working hard and are looking to make a huge difference in their performance. Slowly you are also likely to develop a new passion toward a profession which has been unique and important to you. As the earnings for the year may be good, even the asset making exercise may improve this year.