Taurus - Money and Finances Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Daily Horoscope

You may wish to buy new ornaments or jewelry today. You will be willing to present yourself as more attractive person in front of others, thus you may wish to buy clothes that look more expensive.

Weekly Horoscope

Take a Deep Breath Before Making Financial Decision
This week money shall not be a problem, and you may get relief from financial crunch related issues, as your held-up payments shall be released. However, you may make unfavourable financial decisions due to some mental pressure. The better thing would be to calm your mind and then go ahead with money-making efforts. This week brings a good time for professionals in sales and marketing.

Monthly Horoscope

When it comes to your financial life, the combination of three planets in the second house, as well as the aspect of planets posited in the eighth house on the same house, should indicate monetary gains. During this time, you may obtain unexpected wealth or inherited property, which might help you improve your financial situation. Your expenses could begin to rise once Mars transits the twelfth house in the second part of the month. You'll need to keep track of your costs if you don't want things to spiral out of control. Even though you may have a nice income, you should avoid making any large investments at this time. Before you invest in the stock market, think twice. This may have an impact on your overall market profits. Make every effort to avoid buying real estate this month. The time constraint prevents us from completing this task.

Yearly Horoscope

In the long run you may be proud of your achievements resulting from monetary spending. Some of you may decide to reshuffle your loans in the year ahead due to extra cash made through investments. Those of you who carry on a business are likely to recover their dues this year. This rewarding recovery would allow you to earn an extra bit of money this year. You may not only earn a good amount of money but may also donate it to the NGO’s or to any good cause this year. You would be more generous to donate money than to spend money. If you have taken a big loan, you'll slowly pay it off with interest this year. Along with your affluence of money, you likely have a lot of expenses this year. Last year, you could have benefited from the moratorium that saved you money, but this year, you would return the dues regularly.