Aries - Main Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Daily Horoscope

You are uptight about what is yours and today, you are even less keen on sharing. This possessiveness may have to do with a certain 'someone'. Ganesha says matters regarding love are going forward intensely and your marital life will blossom.

  • Compatibility: Virgo
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Color: Peach
  • Lucky Number: 63
  • Lucky Time of Day: 14

Weekly Horoscope

Themes for the Week
Practicing Patience, Financial Crunch, Artistic Week, and Routine Checkups

A Walk Through the Week:
This week, you must exercise patience when making a key marital decision. There may be some obstacles that you and your spouse can overcome through good discussion. To make things work in your favour, Mars and Rahu are transiting your sign, signalling that you should be cautious while conversing and avoid the harsh and aggressive talk. You and your love partner can go on a brief getaway. This can bring back fond memories for you and your companion. A little party with family and friends may give you and your partner time to enjoy each other's company. Keep ego clashes between you and your partner to a minimum.
This week, your savings might increase, but some unforeseen expenses could put you in a financial bind too. It is possible that you may have to spend money on a party and friends. You may incur expenses by buying gifts and clothing for a celebration or party. The cost of relocating to a new location may incur. You might have to pay for religious expenses or fly to a different country. In a job, there can be opportunities for advancement, which might bring financial contentment. Investing in books or new courses can help you advance in your career. It is not a good time to invest in the stock market without professional advice.
Overall, this week may yield an average career result. Those of you looking for work are likely to find it with some delay. Avoid arguing with a female colleague during this unfavourable week in order to achieve the desired outcome. Projects involving a foreign country or a change in the workplace may be beneficial to you. When making big modifications to your business plan, you should be cautious. Try to have a clear talk with your partner or client, as the stars are indicating that some misunderstandings with your partner or client could cost you money. In the new company endeavour, the anticipated financial gain might not be realised.
If you are studying fashion or are a student of arts or creative writing, this week is likely to be for you. You may have good material and might complete your task successfully. Students in sports are advised not to be aggressive in order to achieve the desired outcome. With their performance this week, they have a decent chance of succeeding, and their mentor has provided advice and guidance. There may be a proclivity for esoteric science. If you are a research student, this week can be fruitful for you. In a meditation lesson, there can be a lot of success.
Your health is likely to be excellent this week. Reading good novels might greatly assist you in overcoming stress. Don't push yourself too much physically. Participating in outdoor activities may help you maintain good health as well as a clear mind. You may experience stress as a result of dental and vision problems. Avoid skipping routine checkups if at all possible. There may be pain in your hand, which may cause you health problems. This week, do some gentle exercise to stay fit and healthy. Try to eat a nutritious diet and avoid addictions this week since the Ketu and Sun transits may have a negative impact on you.

Monthly Horoscope

Financial Prosperity, Success In Studies and A Good Turn In Relationship.
This month is significant in terms of relationship development with persons you interact with on a regular basis. Mercury transit may lead to success in competitive exams and overcoming challenges with the intelligence required. There are chances of a small family get-together, meeting at work, or a business agreement that may take a new turn. The transit of Venus and Mercury may lead to a lot of positive things.However, you should be aware of the Sun's transit since it can produce ego clashes and arguments, and problems at work or in relationships. This month, health should take precedence. When having a chat, avoid eating outside and being aggressive. Travel with caution, as the transit of Mars might cause difficulties. This month, you are likely to be presented with an unexpected change in a distant place. Projects involving a foreign country or a change in the workplace can be beneficial to you. Some of you who have been looking for a love mate might find one or get the chance to spend quality time having fun with someone you genuinely adore. This month, you can expect a financial gain from the increment, and you can find a nice financial choice to invest in based on the recommendations of your friends. This may provide you with a projected return. This month, students must concentrate more on their studies. Try to make a game plan for the upcoming exam and begin small. This could help you get the desired outcome.

Yearly Horoscope

The year 2022 may start slowly for the Aries born according to the yearly zodiac predictions in the first quarter. On the flip side, the financial year is beneficial and rewarding regardless of a shaky start at the beginning. More access to earnings may improve your year financially. Previous investments and its interest may also reward you with an extra source of income this year. Your precision for the source of gains which may allow you to make extra money this year. Natives who are married or looking to marry their special someone may have a smooth year. Aries students are likely to face challenges in their academic year in 2022. There may be some conflict between your studies and hobbies and you may have to maintain balance between them in the beginning. Thought aries natives in research may have a fruitful year with gaining better results. Aries natives may have to pay special attention to their health this year. Thus it is advised for you to be careful throughout the year regarding your health and take proper precautions.