Sagittarius - Main Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Daily Horoscope

You may have sweated your guts out for an opportunity to pursue higher studies abroad, and met with disappointment. Try again today, advises Ganesha. For those of you engaged in speculation, transaction in stock and shares is likely and may fetch substantial gains. Opportunities galore, but you won't progress until you exploit them to the best of your interest.

  • Compatibility: Libra
  • Mood: Friendly
  • Color: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 99
  • Lucky Time of Day: 10

Weekly Horoscope

Themes For The Week:
Avoid New Projects, Occult Science, Tough Time For Family, And Healthy Atmosphere.

Getting To Know Your Week
You are advised to refrain from starting new projects and adapting to a new environment, even if that may be tough. You are advised not to make any major changes. Occult science or research may attract you but later be abandoned. Interfering in another person’s affairs may lead to a conflict situation. Those facing court matters may triumph. Students may find it highly competitive. They require to be dedicated and accountable in their academic pursuits. This time may turn out to be a tough one for family and home. The most important to a healthy atmosphere at home is the bond between the relationships.
Your partner may have to travel distance for private or career sake. Loving and caring for someone who lives far away takes patience and energy. You are advised to be sensitive to your partner's emotions and communicate with them more to keep the bond lively in your relationship. The husband-wife relationship may be good this week. You are advised to pour mutual respect, trust, and understanding into the relationship. Your spouse may reciprocate.
You are advised to solve monetary issues yourself using your smartness. Long-term investors may profit this week. Real estate may also be beneficial. You are suggested to seek guidance from superiors. You may do family expenditure. Ancestral property may bring you financial gains solving your financial crunch.
You may have foreign deals and more experience this time. You are advised not to be too excited. A stressed environment may necessitate a calm and patient demeanor. You also plan to travel extensively, which may cause issues at work. Traveling may disrupt your work. The week is unsuitable for business deals.
You must learn to check your unnecessary spending impulses. Kids may be confused or distracted, but staying focused is advised. Students seeking enrollment in admission to foreign educational institutions may succeed if they focus on competitive tests. You are advised to seek expert opinion from your seniors if you are confused about your career path. Most kids may enroll in skill-enhancing courses.
Some signs of infection or temperature may disrupt your daily routine. You are advised to focus on taking a nutritious diet. For a calm and positive mind, you are advised to avoid junk food and meditate to improve focus. You may take up a new course which may help you. Natives may be required to go for a health checkup. You are advised to listen to what mentors have to say regarding diet. You are also advised to have patience.

Monthly Horoscope

Good Start Matters, Confident Brings Triumph, Patience Is The Key, Mentor At Centre
The time has come for the efforts you've put into your businesses to pay off. For the time being, you can simply sit and unwind. Then you can begin harvesting the ripe fruits of your toil. You may be humorous, generous, appealing, and fascinating, making you a personality for others to deal with who is never boring, constantly dynamic, and very alive. You're under pressure at work or with your lover to go back in time. A serious crisis is unfolding around you, and despite how much it irritates you, you may be the only one who can appear cool and objective. You truly need someone to help you improve your energy and enthusiasm if you're feeling insecure. As you spend more time with your newfound love this month, you may discover the qualities you possess as a man, such as being wonderful, smart, and generous. It's time to share your thoughts with the one you care about. It may be too late if this does not happen. Others may perceive you as a powerful individual who makes bold decisions. Others may be critical of you because, despite being a woman, you are firm. Your ego and pride can become chains in your life, preventing you from moving forward. It is only prudent to interact more with those with whom you deal and to accept their advice in order to achieve your goal. When it comes to making personal decisions, you have your own philosophical thinking that guides you.

Yearly Horoscope

Throughout the year, you may experience joy and cheerfulness. By focusing introspectively and by exercising your mind on things other than mundane things, you may rise above the pressures and challenges of routine existence this year. An intimate friendship that always adds profound meaning to your life may prove to be what you need for your entire life. Further, the year is good for those who are looking for a life partner. The timing of your investment is more important after September 2022. You can use the initial few months of the year to plan and analyse what to do and what shouldn’t be done. Some of you would also get the opportunity to work with new partners or business associates. Choose them wisely to avoid any mistake on your partner in fixing the working relationship with them. As the year winds down, you may be delighted with the direction life is taking you.