Leo - Main Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Daily Horoscope

Ever been surprised at your own abilities? Today you shall be, says Ganesha. With the perfect blend of amicable gestures and lack of inimical actions, you are poised to become the cynosure of all occasions. The day will bring to the fore your flexible nature, moderate views, and your mature mannerisms in a cocktail that is as heady as the best blend. With a mind set on communal harmony, you are assured to have success coming your way today, foresees Ganesha.

  • Compatibility: Capricorn
  • Mood: Loved
  • Color: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 42
  • Lucky Time of Day: 4

Weekly Horoscope

Themes For The Week
Conversation, Encouragement, Monetary Gains, Professional Alert, Weak Areas, Balanced Diet

A Week Of Gains And Alertness
This week you might enjoy your friends' company, and it may excite and refresh you. You may struggle with institutions or people for the job, but you may get a good job because of the good negotiations. New ideas may arise in your mind. The main thing that is needed by many of you now is the support of your co-workers and the confidence to implement it successfully. You may seem to be tough outwardly, but the delicate and loving nature in you may shine during these days. Many of you turn out to be more lovable and caring during this time. Some of you may be confused due to complications and misunderstandings in your love life. The conversation is the best answer to all the problems. So, it is advisable for all of you to converse with your partners, and this may bring better moments. The main problem with your health is emotions. These emotions are in the form of suppressed anger, bitterness, and a painful past that may lead to mental illness.
The stars are pointing towards a happy family environment for you. It is a good time, especially for married couples. Many might be lucky enough to receive cooperation and encouragement from the family's senior members. A week in which the finances of family members might increase. A happy atmosphere and encouragement given by elders might make your children study well. On the whole, this week might prove to be a very good month for the whole family. This period may prove to be a very wonderful phase in the life of those people who have been dating someone for a long time. This may prove to be a great achievement for you.
Stars are focussing on a great change in the financial strategies for most of the zodiac signs. Most of your emphasis might be towards spending money rather than saving money due to disturbances in the planets. The positive signs of Mercury and Sun are focused on financial progress. Many of you might be able to increase your financial assets due to investments and marketing activities. Your foreign ventures may yield handsome returns. The period after the middle of the week might prove to be more profitable for monetary growth. Many of you might spend money freely as the flow of the money also might be great. It is advisable not to invest in any schemes showing high returns within a short period.
On the career front, you are likely to face certain challenges. Moreover, there may be some of you who may not be in favour of experiments in the area of your career. This step may be needed to be taken by some of you which may prove a good decision in the time to come. Employees may struggle hard to increase their salaries. Many of you may also face problems at the workplace; there might be nothing to inspire you at your workplace. This week you may not be able to gain much from the professional trips. A piece of advice is to keep calm as this may not prove to be a good week for a salaried employee.
The foretelling of the stars is that it may be a troublesome week for students. The students from the technical line and those taking competitive exams need to take more help from their mentors. Students going for higher studies may not be able to get admission to the institute of their choice. A good thing of the week is that many of you pursue research that may improve your confidence and knowledge. It’s a piece of advice to everyone not to let their efforts go to waste.
This week you are likely to enjoy your health. However, some of you may suffer from minor wounds, but those can be cured by immediate medical care. With the stars promising good health during the whole week, your confidence and trust may increase. Everyone should avoid getting addicted. It is one piece of advice to everyone to keep a check on what you eat which might be difficult to digest. So a balanced diet is advisable for all of you.

Monthly Horoscope

Pink Of Health, New Financial Ventures, Unsteady Career, Conjugal Bliss
This may not be a very thrilling month for those who are married. They may be bored, but sticking by their spouse is a good idea. Also, to bring joy to them by their love and care. The family's children should avoid getting into any mischief and exercise extreme caution. This month, you may be forced to take a trip you've been putting off for a long time. However, this voyage may be extremely profitable.
You might also go on a vacation with your friends and family. This month, doctors and medical professionals may be energised and motivated. Their commitment would be much appreciated. Judges and colleagues may commend legal experts for their efforts. They might earn notoriety and may undoubtedly thrive as a result. Teachers may have a stressful month ahead of them, and they may be exhausted by the end of it. Athletes may readily overcome this month’s challenges. They could be triumphant as a result of all their hard effort. You may have a fantastic time on this tour.
This month is likely to be fruitful for those in business and industry. They'd be fantastic in their current projects. They may push their company to new heights if they put forth a little more effort. Real estate agents and builders may make steady development in their day-to-day work. This month, they must also concentrate on getting their new ventures or transactions off the ground. Teachers are encouraged to take the initiative and ensure that their work is recognised.

Yearly Horoscope

This year may be rewarding for all those who work hard and plan to surpass each milestone. Starting from monetary gains, this may be the year where you would take a new resolution of not to lend money to anyone. This may be a year for those who had to use their investments in the past to replenish their investment once again. The year also has some surprises for Students. Though for students pursuing research or who are pursuing an MBA, the year would test your time management and knowledge. Therefore, work hard to make sure you complete the task of finishing the exam on time. Your achievements may be made high this year due to hard work. But hard work may come only after investing considerable time in your preparation and application of knowledge from time to time. So, plan your year wisely.