Pisces - Education and Knowledge Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you

Weekly Horoscope

No Expected Recognition
Aggression and negative thinking this week may confuse your mind. Be determined with your study as it’s not a cakewalk scenario. Creative writing and education might bring you new opportunities to do well in academics. Learn a new language and skills, and it gives you the spotlight. Ignorance of study might play with your head. Expected recognition may not be there at the workplace.

Monthly Horoscope

Aggression Leads To Degradation In Knowledge
This month, restrain your aggression and work on your approach. This month may be a little challenging for you. You must learn to regulate your anger and aggression because they can pose obstacles and have an impact on your schooling. This month's abrupt interruption in higher education could be due to a disagreement with the teacher or issues relating to an incomplete assignment. You might get sidetracked from your studies this month. You must take your schedule seriously and adhere to your daily routine in regard to school and assignments. Make a list of your priorities based on your studies and exams, and work on them in small chunks. This may help you achieve your goals this month. You may become egoistic as a result of a successful outcome, but this might lead to a setback if you fail. Maintain a regular practice and study schedule.

Yearly Horoscope

The year 2022, students may be stacked with positive energy and confidence, which would help them do extremely well in their academics. Therefore, you would be happy with the way life would take you to a much better phase in your life. Further, the months of April, May, September and November are good for all forms of competitive exams. You would easily clear the exam should you have been well prepared. Again, for those of you planning to take up any government service exams then the year is good, especially from September 2022 onwards. Therefore, you can plan your exams accordingly to clear in the first attempt. Students even pursuing Dentist related courses and in the final year may easily get an option to work as an internship in the role. Again, students pursuing any Board or University exams may also need some preparation in the middle of the year.